Blessingway Ceremonies


Ritual for Women, Honouring Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

Image credits: Olga's Blessingway for the Return to the Self Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Pregnancy: Blessingway Ceremonies and Rituals

Pregnancy is a special time for a woman to be revered and honoured by her loved ones and community.  Every pregnant woman is on a unique sacred journey.  It is a time for her to know her strength, her inner wisdom and her vulnerability, to sit with the wisdom of the community, to be supported and cherished, loved and nurtured.

Image credits: Alexia Campbell & Mama Laurie

Reclaiming the feminine through ritual

Ritual Celebration makes an incredible difference in a woman’s life and the life of the community.  Supporting womanhood through a strong sense of sisterhood and communally recognizing the significance of powerful events is incredibly powerful.  If a woman’s life stages are honoured and held, rights of passage become thresholds to...

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